Water Main Breaks

For Water Main Breaks, time is of the essence. Vacuum excavation enables sewer and water contractors to safely perform utility locates around a damaged pipe. Digging with vacuum excavation, a pipe locator can quickly identify the severity of the break, close off valves and divert the flow of water from the work area.

Conventional methods, such as backhoes or bulldozers, can damage underground utilities, cause potential injury to operators and increase the amount of time to repair the water main. Vacuum excavation will minimize potential infrastructure damage while increasing worker safety. For example, clearing soil and debris from the damaged area and installing a trench box or sheeting holds back leaking water and enables workers to enter and fix the break efficiently and safely.

The frequency and severity of water main breaks typically result in some level of emergency. Particularly when there is damage to the street and sidewalks, or flooding in heavily populated areas such as cities. South Florida Vac Truck Services’s leading response time, industry experience, and state-of-the-art equipment make us a go-to-source for sewer and water professionals.

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