Slot Trenching / Tunneling

Slot trenching, sometimes referred to as slot tunneling, is the process of digging narrow trenches for installing pipes, cables, or other underground utilities. When a slot trenching service, or slot tunneling service is required on a jobsite, vacuum excavation is the most specified approach today.

At South Florida Vac Truck Services, clients experience the speed and efficiency of vacuum excavation, along with the highest level of safety as compared to traditional excavation processes.

In addition to slot trenching for the installation of underground utilities, customer’s count on our vacuum excavation solutions to safely daylight existing infrastructure. This process prevents damage to underground infrastructure, surrounding property and more importantly, injury to people on-site. South Florida Vac Truck Services understands that project disruption, infrastructure damage, or injury to workers is a far more costly than taking a little time to safely clear a site.

South Florida Vac Truck Services offers both hydro excavation and air excavation options on every rig. Hydrovac is considered to be the most efficient, however air excavation is particularly effective when the broken-up soil is saved and used to refill the trench. Our dual technology options also work exceptionally well on frozen surfaces, making utility installation possible year-round in colder climates.

Additional benefits of vacuum excavation for slot trenching are accuracy and precision. Traditional excavation equipment utilizes standard widths often resulting in the removal of more soil than necessary. With vacuum excavation, you only need to remove the specific amount of soil required for the job. The less soil removed, the lower the cost.

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