Service Pits

When it comes to Service Pits, few solutions offer a level of safety and efficiency vacuum excavation. With South Florida Vac Truck Services, you can dig safe on all of your industrial hydrovac or municipal hydrovac repair service areas, save valuable resources, and complete your project with minimal disruption.

Service pits are most commonly needed for a variety of underground utility upgrades, or repairs, such as electric cable fault repair, water main service repair, gas service tie-ins, telecom splicing and many more “dig safe” required projects. The challenge shared by all of them is infrastructure located in municipal or industrial areas are typically congested with one or more of these underground services clustered together. The probability of a reportable incident is very high when using manual or mechanical digging.

That’s why vacuum excavation, or hydrovac service pits are so effective. They are five times faster than manual digging and far less disruptive on active sites. Most importantly, they virtually eliminate damage to the underground infrastructure saving time and cost while dramatically improving safety. Additionally, their precision in clearing test or service pits minimizes the amount of material dispersed around the site, so restoration to the work area is extremely fast and cost effective.

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