Pole & Piling Holes

Need a better Pole & Piling Hole solution? There is no more efficient technology than South Florida Vac Truck Services’s vacuum excavation and in particular, air vacuum excavation if the soil removed is to be used for backfill in the process. Vacuum excavation services from South Florida Vac Truck Services provide precise soil removing capability allowing the development of holes to an exact shape and specified depth requiring far less clean up and costs.

Traditionally, Pole & Piling Holes are dug by heavy bucket equipment, such as backhoes. This antiquated approach typically removes more soil than necessary and is far more disruptive to the work area. This less precise equipment is also more dangerous to underground infrastructure when present and is labor intensive. All of these challenges can lead to safety concerns and unnecessary costs. Pole & Piling Holes created with vacuum excavation are also faster than traditional equipment, so more holes can be created and completed on your site per day.

Pole & Piling Holes include utility and telecom poles, traffic lights, large fence spans and structural support foundations. With South Florida Vac Truck Services’s vacuum excavation rigs, customers experience the safest process and have the option of air or hydro capability – all on a single rig!

So, regardless of your project requirements, we provide you with a solution that maximizes safety and cost savings.

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