Fiber Optic Trenching

There is no better technology or process for fiber optic trenching than vacuum excavation. Fiber optic installation or repair requires several unique capabilities to ensure a proper, cost-effective and safe experience.

At South Florida Vac Truck Services, we are fiber optic trenching experts with years of experience excavating for the installation of new fiber optic lines, or repair of older underground fiber optics infrastructure.

For new fiber optic installation, we provide clients with a fast, precise and very safe vacuum excavation solution. As compared to traditional backhoes or metal augers, vacuum excavation removes only the exact amount of soil necessary to meet your required dimensions. The process of using high-pressure air, or water as with hydro excavation, guards against damaging of other existing underground utilities. The soil removed is stored in the vacuum excavation rig’s tank and can be used to refill the trench once the fiber optic installation is completed.

For fiber optic repair, it is critical to use a solution that exposes all underground infrastructure. It is not uncommon for multiple utilities to be clustered together. Having the capability to excavate soil in and around this infrastructure without damaging it, results in a very cost effective and safe fiber optic repair.

South Florida Vac Truck Services offers both vacuum and hydro excavation options on every rig. Hydrovac is considered to be the most efficient, however air excavation is particularly effective when the broken-up soil is saved and used to refill the trench. Our dual technology options also work exceptionally well on frozen surfaces, making fiber optic installation possible year-round in colder climates.

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