Anode Installation

Anode Installation, or anode replacement, is a common practice designed to protect and extend the life of underground pipe systems. Whether it’s a new anode installation service or anode replacement project, vacuum excavation is a precise, safe and cost-effective way to get the job done.

South Florida Vac Truck Services’s dual air/hydro equipped rigs and talented operators are able to precisely excavate for any type of anode installation, or replacement, without damaging the current underground system or other surrounding infrastructure assets. Thereby, providing a safe and cost-effective method to access a corroded anode or install new anodes along a linear pipe system.

If you’re searching for vacuum excavation to assist in anode installation or anode replacement, you already know a lot about cathodic protection for underground metal assets.

Anodes are a critical component of a Cathodic Protection system. Cathodic protection controls the corrosion of a metal surface by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell. These systems are installed underground and in close proximity of valuable pipe systems. Their purpose is to create a more attractive target for corrosion. As a sacrificial metal, anodes extend the life of underground pipe systems. Over time, anodes will deteriorate and need replacement in order to continue preserving the underground assets.

Anodes are used in countless applications. From highway lighting systems to protecting water mains, they are the most common and effective solution to protecting underground metal assets. South Florida Vac Truck Services is an expert in preparing the underground space and appropriate fill for safe and effective anode installation, or replacement.

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