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With technologies such as air excavation, jobsite risk is virtually eliminated. Vacuum excavation and a trained air excavation service operator can safely daylight a work site to expose any and all underground infrastructure – so you can advance your project efficiently and without incident.

At South Florida Vac Truck Services, we believe there is no excuse for anyone, on or near a project site, to be injured due to hidden underground utilities. It’s standard safety protocol to clear targeted dig zones, especially those in highly developed areas where electrical and gas utility infrastructure is sure to be present.

Cost for vacuum excavation, air or hydro, should not be a factor when you weigh the real time and cost of replacing damaged infrastructure before you can proceed with your project. Even worse, who can afford an uptick in their experience modification rate (EMR)?

From every perspective – workers, property, equipment, lost schedules and even pedestrian safety ­– it’s far more cost-effective, productive and responsible to use air excavation to locate potential danger before bringing in the heavy metal.

South Florida Vac Truck Services provides a full line of vacuum excavation rigs and talented operators. Our rapidly growing fleet of new equipment has dual methods on board (air excavation and hydro excavation) and safely breaks up soil, gravel, sand and even small rocks while vacuuming up the loosened material without compromising underground infrastructure.

A primary benefit of air excavation is the ability to use the vacuumed material to refill the excavated areas keeping the site clean, efficient and with minimal disruption.

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